The glory of Autumn

It’s been a LONG time, and my Canon 7D is gathering dust. It’s only a temporary pause and I’m still as enthusiastic as ever when I find a subject I wish to photograph. However I began this blog long before becoming a mum – since then, generally I have both travelled less and had few opportunities to go out with the big camera with the eyes and the concentration needed to take effective pictures. Add to that, the demise of my computer and my Photoshop software and a dissatisfaction with my lenses and, well… we have a hiatus. 

But here are a few stunning pictures taken with my ever-faithful iPhone. This place has stolen my heart – the New Forest, Hampshire, UK. The birch trees…. the bracken… the blue skies…. the low sun. A photographer’s dream in autumn.


 Prague 2

The City’s architecture and treasure troves shine.



I present to you, my two bundles of delight.      




I cheated. These gorgeous photos were from a few weeks ago, when we had our first taste of spring awakening. Unfortunately, this Easter weekend it is overcast, freezing and snowing. But you get the sentiment! Enjoy!




iPhone Prague



Riverside market scenes, Vyton